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Fun Lakers of Sun Lakes is looking for Volunteers

Fun Lakers of Sun Lakes has a mission to create and foster camaraderie and fellowship of the Sun Lakes Fun Lakers community by coordinating social activities for the enjoyment of the memberships. 


Our goal “To make friends and have fun”. That’s a great reason to volunteer and be involved with Hospitality, especially for those who are new in our community.


Did you know events that we attend are organized by members of the Fun Lakers of Sun Lakes?

Our volunteering members assist in making all our events a success.


We need you, volunteer for one, two or even more than three events. 


What would you do you ask? Many options available with any of the events we have:


  • Host an Event


  • Be part of the event planning – This will assist the Chair of the event and other volunteers decide what is needed to make the event a success


  • Promoting Events


  • Posting Signs and Flyers within our community


  • Set up/tear down of the Event


  • Assist with decorating for events 


  • Assist in check in tables to register or check tickets 


Volunteers will work directly with the Volunteer Chair of the event(s) that you choose to volunteer for. 

To see a full list of activities check out our events page here.

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